Clay Rabbit Pottery really got its start when Debbie Dean took pottery classes in Portland, Oregon… over 45 years ago! After attending Portland State University majoring in art/ceramics, Debbie spent five years living on a farm in New Zealand making functional stoneware for sale and trade. It was there that she seeded her future in functional high-fire stoneware.

Returning to the states, she shared studio space with other potters and began showing her hand-made pottery at the infamous Portland Saturday Market. She soon moved on to open her first personal pottery studio and in 1985 and named the business “The Clay Rabbit” and the product name “Debbie Dean’s Cordon Bleu Pottery”. Her first location was at 26th and Clinton in Portland, OR. In 1990 Debbie married Jay Seibert, her new partner in life as well as the pottery business.

Debbie and Jay remained there until 2006 when they left Portland for Woodland, WA and built a new studio and gallery on Nevala Road. Fifteen years later, Debbie and Jay moved once again, this time to Tubac, AZ where they happily set up their new gallery and pottery studio, The Clay Rabbit House.

Open six or seven days a week, The Clay Rabbit House features Debbie’s signature pottery and continues to delight old and new collectors. Currently offering over 140 different shapes and 30+ stock motifs not counting custom/special orders.